I’ve wanted to create a campaign reminiscent of Greek tragedies for years, where the gods used mortals as proxy soldiers in their quest for power. Were mortals are incapable of understanding the plans of gods yet we find ourselves involved even if they are unaware. A world where gods might actively interfere with a mortal’s life be it to the mortals gain or ruin. Still mortals have their defenses, nature, arcane magic, a belief in their own patron and a stout heart are among a mortals best defense against such puppetry. In creating Gal I wanted the epic feel of Greek tragedies without having to make players or ever adventure epic in nature.

I speak to you the people of high ridge to help prepare you for the world beyond our borders. First we should give thanks to our great protector Baru. For without his wisdom, perseverance and guidance none of us would have survived.
For two score and a half years Gal as been bath in the eye of creation. The great eye’s gaze has been changing Gal, reshaping her, renewing life in some parts and destroying it in others. These changes should not be feared they are part of the natural cycle of Gal. In a way these changes define what it means to be Gallian.
To prepare you for the future I looked into the past the great archives of our people. It seems the first thing you will notice is the over abundance or flora and fauna beyond our walls. The time of change is a blessing to nature be it flora or fauna. Trees 100 feet tall might stand where fields once resided or a stream might now be a raging river. This is the nature of creation and the very essence of GAL.
Kingdoms some like our own and some completely alien in nature will have survived as well. Their fortunes linked to their patron god. Never forget It’s during the time of change that the gods of GAL war, pacts are made, old alliances broken and fresh upstarts deposing long ruling deities.
Still other kingdoms, towns or even individuals will have continued their tradition of aligning themselves with the elemental forces of nature. In doing so these beings willingly give up part of their humanity to survive the great change. Many seem untouched or better for their agreement while others are twisted beyond recognition.
One thing is for certain the river gypsies survived. They have been part of Gal’s history since the first scribes took pen to paper. These floating city states ever circling GAL on the great elemental rivers. These gypsies seem immune from the great eyes effects. The river gypsies dealings are mysteries to us dry Landers. Rarely engaging in open warfare the river lords prefer to do battle with one and other through trade, politics and subterfuge.
Stranger still some creatures and at times entire dwellings some as large as small castles appear on out of nowhere during the time of change. Some seem long abandon crumbling in ruin, others as if they where abandon yesterday often times their residence have gone mad or are physically warped by the experience. Their minds and bodies twisted in ways unimaginable ways. Others still have no idea how they got here or actively sought a way to cross over to expand their ever growing need for power. Whatever the reason they are now residence of GAL for better or worse.
Remember as you go forth you are servants of high ridge we must reclaim lands which are rightfully ours and once again expand our great kingdom beyond these walls.

Dale Stewart of high ridge 1152

To give you a little detail about the world I’m developing you start off 50 years after the above speech was given. Much of the initial war and turmoil due to the ending of creation has subsided. Kingdoms have once again established themselves but much of the worlds indeed much of the lands these kingdoms claim are yet unexplored. GAL is a world filled with adventure, magic and mystery.
Gal is an enigma a sphere which by all rights shouldn’t exist, its elliptical orbit brings it once every 500 years closer than any other sphere to the eye of creation and brushes other spheres in the process. This makes GAL extremely valuable to any god in the multi-verse. Gods are constantly warring for control of GAL and are willing to interfere in the lives of mortals far more than in any other sphere. This means there are major religions and an untold number of upstarts. With Gods willing to bestow favor or curse on mortals willing to further or interfere with their ambitions.
Dude to the turbulence of the gods many people are hesitant to devote themselves to one god while others are zealots in a single god’s name. What is certain is the more powerful one becomes the more tempting the offers and the greater the danger one will face from the gods and the power brokers of Gal

the eye of creation